CUESONGS | Music Makes a Difference

John Travolta Loves Drum & Bass


Music licensing company, CueSongs, came to us wanting a complete revamp of their YouTube channel. As part of our ongoing content for the channel, we came up with the concept of altering the music in famous movie scenes for hilarious effect.


John Travolta shows his trademark disco moves to the soundtrack of drum and bass. In the classic scene from Saturday Night Fever, Travolta takes to the dance floor to an unlikely new tune.


The first part in our series that prove 'Music makes a difference'. Featuring the track 'Flatworm' by Optiv, available to purchase from CueSongs.


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Shawshank Redemption


In this funny twist on the classic Shawshank Redemption scene, the prisoners are truly overwhelmed by the power of Justin Bieber's iconic track 'Baby'.

The second in this series by CueSongs, proving that 'Music Makes a Difference'.

If Rocky was a Romance


Rocky Balboa and Apollo Creed show their love for one another in this re-imagining of the famous Rocky montage.


Music: Diana Ross & Lionel Richie - Endless Love (used for parody purposes only)

Pulp Fiction does the Macarena


Vincent and Mia take to the floor and jive to the Macarena in this re-imagining of the iconic Pulp Fiction scene.